Why Secrets Resorts Aren’t Such A Big Secret Anymore

If you need to get the word out quickly regarding some important matter throughout a club, organization or business, I know one foolproof method.  Just take two or three people aside individually and relay the information to them in whispered tones.  Then tell them to be sure and keep it under wraps because you are not ready to make the announcement public just yet.  At least one, and more likely all three of those people, will tell a handful of others and long before the sun sets it will be common knowledge.  Let’s face it, most of us suffer from the verbal version of a common urinary tract problem I like to call “lack of blather control”. Secrets Puerto Los CabosI suspect most folks returning from a stay at one of the Secrets Resorts have every intention of smugly keeping their little discovery all to themselves.  Notwithstanding their best efforts, they find themselves effusing all over the people sitting on either side of them . . . it is not quite as disgusting as it sounds . . . before their flight home even leaves the runway. I myself have written posts about several of the Secrets Resorts. Should you cast your eyes to the right rail, you will see I even have a category by that name where you can see all my Secrets postings.  I just recently returned from one of the brand’s newest offerings so, fair warning, grab a towel.  I am about to effuse all over you!


Puerto Los Cabos is an exciting new development in the eastern area of Los Cabos, Mexico.  You can get all those juicy details by clicking on this link to a post I wrote a few weeks back, Puerto Los Cabos And The Quest For the Best.  Situated in the heart of that new development on a very choice bit of real estate is Secrets Puerto Los Cabos.

Secrets Puerto Los CabosYou can have a beautiful setting and attractive facilities (which this property has in spades) but from vast experience I can tell you that unless they are blessed with outstanding personnel, it is all in vain.  The entire staff, from reception to restaurant, exude the kind of warmth and helpfulness that is the envy of many of their competitors.  A special shout out to Salvador Gutierrez who, as the resident manager, deserves a great deal of credit for selecting and training such a marvelous staff and Karla Ponce, the front desk manager, who oversees those employees who represent the all-important first impression to the guests.  Karla’s infectious smile seems to have spread to the entire reception staff.  It must be a case of staff infection!

When stopping by Rendezvous for a little pre-dinner libation, it is never a bad thing to Martini Cart at Secrets Puerto Los Cabosencounter a well-stocked martini cart as you walk in. Before you can say “¡Si Señor, por favor!” you might well find one of these sitting before you.  Rendezvous Secrets Resorts


Dining in general, I have always believed, is one part cuisine, one part ambiance and one part great companions.   Picture yourself with a small circle of friends dining out under the stars at El Patio Restaurant savoring your favorite ceviche, sipping a fine glass of Cabernet and conversing late into the night.

El Patio Secrets Puerto Los Cabos

At some point in the evening, no matter how convivial the company or smooth the after-dinner port, you are going to want to stumble back to your home away from home for a sound night’s sleep.  When that happens, if you are staying at Secrets Puerto Los Cabos, this welcoming sight is waiting to greet you when you enter the room.

Room at Secrets Puerto Los CabosThere is never enough time in one of these posts to tell you one-tenth of the wonderful features of such a stunning resort.  I haven’t even mentioned all the gourmet restaurants, the 24-hour room service, the 12,000 sq. ft. world-class Secrets spa by Pevonia,  the 18-hole golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman, access to three miles of pristine beach and so much more.

Not to worry!  That is what great travel agents are for.  Our folks would be more than glad to drill down to the most minute detail to guarantee that your stay will exceed your expectations.

This concludes five posts under the category “Puerto Los Cabos”.  Let me know if you enjoyed this little glimpse into Los Cabos’ exciting new development.

Two (click), Two (click), Two Resorts In One

Secrets Vallarta Bay & Now Amber

For those people who remember the 1950’s (not me, of course, other than what my grandparents have told me), one of the distinguishing features was the inordinate number of abrasive and annoying  commercials on television.  Who can forget, even with therapy, the Wisk laundry soap ad with its “ring around the collar” jingle that can still bring zombies out of their graves on moonless nights.

The commercial that inspired the title of this post is the Certs commercial that always involved a spirited argument between two dweebs as to whether Certs is a breath mint or a candy mint.  Mercifully, the announcer eventually intervenes to declare the both are right because Certs is “two (click), two (click), two mints in one”.  If you need some enamel removed from your teeth, just click on the video link above and revisit yesteryear.

Secrets Vallarta Bay - City View  Secrets Vallarta Bay - Ocean View

For some reason that not even my therapist can seem to fathom, my recent visit to Secrets Vallarta Bay in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico brought back memories of those Certs commercials.  Certainly not because the resort  was abrasive or annoying.  Quite the contrary, it was wonderfully soothing and relaxing.  I think it was because on several levels, the property is really two resorts in one.

Take the two pictures above.  When you drive into the property from the airport, you would never guess the property sat on a mammoth, picturesque bay.  The picture on the left is the view of Puerto Vallara from one side of the property.  The picture on the right shows the view from the lobby with the bay stretching out across the horizon.

Granted the proximity to town produces some early morning rooster crowing and the occasional dog barking, not something you will hear at most resorts.  On the other hand, it is within ten minutes walking distance of the Malecón.  To quote my friend Suzanne Barbezat, “This wide waterfront promenade is lined with palm trees and dotted with bronze sculptures and other art.”  I encourage you to read her excellent article here.

Secrets Vallarta Bay Pevonia SpaSecrets Resorts are famous for their Pevonia Spas.  On this occasion I spent two very idyllic hours there.  The first hour, I was guided through various stations (steam bath, sauna, ice bucket shower) which was not unlike being transported from Hell to Sweden to the polar caps over a fifteen minute span. This session culminated with a hydro therapy session consisting of jet-propulsed streams of water pummeling me with such force I found myself desperately clinging to my swimsuit with both hands. This area of the spa is co-ed and I had no interest in sparking an international incident over accusations of gringo exhibitionism.

The entire second hour I was stoned.  Whoa, Nellie.  Don’t jump to conclusions.  I had a fifty minute spa treatment that included being pummeled by hot stones.  I know, it sounds like an antiquated form of capital punishment but somehow it was quite soothing . . . in a barbaric sort of way.

Dreams Villamagna Riviera Nayarit

The other aspect of the resort’s duality is quite literal.  When you gaze at the picture at the very top of this post, you are actually looking at two separate resorts:  Secrets Vallarta Bay and Now Amber Puerto Vallarta.  The Now brand within AMResorts (the parent company of both properties) permits families and is a little more trendy / hip / chic than Secrets which probably explains me being discretely escorted back to my hotel where I was told I would “feel more comfortable”.  (And here I thought my plaid shorts, stripped shirt and sandals with white socks were quite dapper.)  I will save a more detailed description for another post.

To further confuse matters, the picture above was not taken at either property but at an offsite event at the Dreams Villamagna (another AMResorts brand) located a little further north in Riviera Nayarit.  AMResorts has more brands that a Texas cattle ranch although I have yet to find one called  JR Brand , an actual Fort Worth cattle brand having nothing to do with the TV show Dallas.  I have included the picture because it captures perfectly, for me at least, the exuberant hospitality that is Mexico.  If you are looking for a stellar resort in a magnificent destination, Secrets Vallarta Bay is a great choice!