A Blue Diamond In A Silver Setting

Have you been struggling over what to give the light of your life this Valentine’s Day? If you are a man, just admit it:  you’ve been struggling.  (I’m giving you a huge benefit of the doubt by assuming Valentine’s has even crossed your mind more that three weeks out!)  You needn’t panic.  I have the perfect suggestion.

It was Carol Channing in the Broadway production of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes who introduced the song that Marilyn Monroe shortly thereafter turned into a bit of enduring American lore:  “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend”.   You could do the diamond thing, a safe if uninspired choice.  I, however, have a better idea.  Rather than handing her a rock this Valentine’s, why not rock her world with a stay at the unforgettable Blue Diamond Riviera Maya?

Blue Diamond Luxury Resort

Here are a few thoughts to ponder and they’re all very powerful.  This property is all-inclusive (thus you know exactly what you will spend), all suites (who isn’t impressed when throwing open the doors to a suite) and all adults (if you need this benefit explained, maybe you should just buy a diamond).  So are you all in?

I know, I’m treating this weighty matter in much too cavalier a fashion.  We both know the stakes are extremely high since your credibility for, say . . . the next twenty years or so . . .is on the line.  You don’t have to tell me that most lovely ladies, not matter how delicate, have memories like six ton elephants.  Have you ever seen an elephant turn on a trainer?  Not pretty.  So let’s see if I can assuage your concerns.

Blue Diamond ResortSETTING

As with any diamond, you must consider the setting.  This luxurious property is positioned in the midst of 36 acres of lush tropical jungle. It fronts the tranquil, azure waters of the Caribbean Sea.  It rests in the midst of manicured gardens and is linked to the lapping ocean waves by a broad band of silvery sand.


If you are truly going to impress, both the dining and imbibing must comport with this significant occasion.  Even one mediocre meal or dubious drink is unacceptable.  Fortunately, in neither case will quality or variety disappoint.  You can share an incomparable gilded sunset at Aguamarina which features international cuisine coupled with a panoramic ocean view.

The Cigar Lounge at the Blue Diamond Riviera MayaIf your companion fancies Nouvelle Fusion, than you have obviously partnered way above your station since I am pretty sure neither one of us has a clue what that is.  But here is the great part!  Blue Diamond has a restaurant called Ambar which is all over Nouvelle Fusion like a duck on a junebug (granted an unfortunate turn of phrase giving we are discussing haute cuisine at the moment).

As for libations,  a chic rooftop bar called the Cigar Bar is the perfect location to sample a wide assortment of wine and spirits.  When craving a cappuccino or a tasty hot tea, Café Brulé is perfecto mundo as we like to pretentiously say whenever we chill out down on the Riviera.


If this is a romantic getaway for just the two of you, you just might be spending more than the normal amount of time in your room . . . ahem.  If that sounds about right, then the accommodations are of critical importance.

Suite at Blue Diamond Rivieria MayaIs it just me or does this private plunge pool have midnight skinny dipping written all over it?  Take a moment and read this page to learn all about the floor-to-ceiling windows, the plasma flatscreen TVs and the soothing rain shower.  (I’m thinking after the midnight skinny dipping you might need the rain shower to cool down!)


Maybe it’s best we just move on to discussing the structured activities offered by the resort.  Those activities range from wine tastings and cooking classes to Spanish and yoga classes.  If you prefer to soak up a little more sun there is windsurfing, kayaking, sailing and introductory scuba diving lessons.

I invite you, as the resort itself likes to say, to “Uncover a dream destination amid the waves!”  Or, as we prefer to say, “Lend us your dreams and we will repay you with memories.”  Are we agreed then?  This Valentine’s you are going to give her a Blue Diamond set in silver sands!  Or, as my waiter unfailingly remarks with transparent flummery, “Good choice!”