Namale Fiji . . . Where The Livin’ Is Easy

In Fiji, so they say, there are many paradises but only one utopia.  “They” in this particular case are the authors of the online brochure for Namale Resort & Spa.  You have to love the audacious confidence of that tag line.  If I execute my assignment properly, by the time you finish reading this post that claim will sound less like hyperbolic exaggeration and more like honest evaluation.

Sunset at Namale FijiOne of the chief frustrations of writing about some of the world’s most breathtaking hotels and resorts is that there is never time to give them their full due.  That is particularly true here.  Elizabeth Barret Browning’s most famous sonnet is #43, admittedly better known as “How Do I Love Thee?”.  You recall that those opening words are followed by “Let Me Count The Ways.”

With that bit of literary inspiration, I offer my humble (or as close to humility as I ever get) version of “Namale, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.”  Let’s begin with a spectacular setting because absent that any resort is Deck at Namale Resort & Spaimmediately disqualified from a serious traveler’s short list.  Setting encompasses beauty and atmosphere of course but, if you are like me (heaven help you), you would likely add serenity as well.  This picture to the right suggests about as much separation from the maddening crowds as one can imagine.  If you are desperately seeking seclusion, this warm handshake between the emerald rainforest and the azure sea is the perfect rendezvous.

In addition to the setting, this resort is world-famous for its discriminating service.  I say discriminating because the true art of gracious service is unfailingly finding that thin line between a trifle neglectful and a tad too intrusive.  Try these numbers on for size:  the property hosts only 44 guests at any one time so that their needs may be anticipated and their wishes fulfilled by their staff of 140.  I suppose you could argue that the service pictured below is slightly over that line but I beg to differ.  After being a little over served, you have to get back to your villa somehow, right?

Scene from Namale FijiIn general, I have next to no use for the muddled opinions of the celebrity set with one exception:  I do value their seemingly natural instinct for sating their self-indulgence.  They say when driving through the mid-west, always choose a diner with lots of cars in the parking lot.  A corollary would be, when seeking a great resort, find out where the stars congregate.

So for what it’s worth, I am given to understand that the likes of NBA coach Pat Riley, actors Russell Crowe, Edward Norton (wasn’t he one of the characters with Jackie Gleason on The Honeymooners?), Meg Ryan and Mike Myers, and musician and producer Quincy Jones have found their way here, as well as many more “A listers”.  Donna Karen, who I am told has some fleeting familiarity with fashion, has said, “Namale is an ultimate escape . . experience its bliss!”

Namale, how else do I love thee?  Ah, there is always your sumptuous dining.  As the aforementioned brochure explains, “Private three-course lunches and five-course Dinner at Namale Fijidinners can be enjoyed anywhere you like — be it the twinkling main bure, your private bure or villa, in a romantic, seaside cave, or on the beach at sunset.”

Decisions, decisions! I think tonight I want to have my five course gourmet dinner in this exact spot to the left!  Should the gentle ocean breeze grow a bit nippy, I have no doubt that another glass of vintage Cabernet will suffice to warm me from the inside out.  In case you are wondering, I am sadly not at Namale as I pen these words.  That was a momentary flight of literary, not to mention holiday, fantasy.  Dreammakers are allowed to dream too!

Namale, I love thy refined accommodations.  Since we are running short of time, I will refer you to the online brochure for an explanation of the room distinctions between Bures, Garden Tropical, Ocean Tropical, Villas, Bula House, etc.  I shall also let the picture below do the job of a thousand words which, yikes, according to my word calculator, we are rapidly approaching.  I must scurry on!

Honeymoon room at Natale FijiLast, but certainly not least is the exposure one gains to authentic Fijian culture.  Below is a picture of a troupe of tribal dancers telling a traditional story through age old movements.  I Namale danceknow. to the uninitiated, i.e., folks like me, it  looks a little like the Hokey Pokey but rest assured it is not.  (Speaking of which, as a quick nod to the philosophically inclined, what if the Hokey Pokey really is what it’s all about? Hmmm.)

OK, I have managed to count down five ways I love the Namale Resort & Spa.  I have yet to mention the bowling alley and indoor golf (seriously), the incredible snorkeling, and the magnificent spa.  See why this is frustrating?

Namale bowling  Snorkling in Namale

I think we can all agree that it would be more than a little cruel to tantalize you with this exquisite haven of happiness without presenting a way to experience it for yourself.  As I check my back pocket, it just so happens . . . imagine that . . . I have a great offer from our partners at Travel2 for an all-inclusive 9 night stay.  Let’s leave the more mundane matters like price to a future conversation.  But if this post has whetted your appetite to know more about Namale Resort & Spa and how you too can experience its wonders, reach out to us through our website.  And if you are still not convinced, take a look at this video!

Incredible Isles – The World’s Best Island Destinations

I am pleased to announce that I have created a brand new category on this blog!  As the title of this post reveals, the new category will be called “Incredible Isles.”

Yes, avid reader, I am keenly aware that my list of categories on this blog is proliferating like a family of cabbage patch rabbits.  I am trying to restrain myself . . . I really am!  I have even considered professional help but I can’t seem to find anyone certified in treating “compulsive category creation syndrome”.  The fact that I seem to be the only one afflicted with this malady might explain the dearth of psychiatric specialists in the field.

The World Islands DubaiBut enough about me . . . assuming that’s ever possible.    Did you know that there are reputedly 180,497 islands on planet earth?  Can you name all of them . . . in reverse alphabetical order?  OK, neither can I.  But I do feel I am safe in saying that not all of them are incredible.  As your devoted guide in all things travel, I plan to obviate the need for you to visit all 180 plus thousand to sort out the incredible from the inconsequential. You’re welcome.

As a wily follower of Travel By Terry, you can sit back, relax and have the world’s most incredible isles and their corresponding exquisite resorts delivered right to your doorstep . . .  or in this case desktop, laptop or hand held device.  Over the course of the next few weeks, months and years (don’t worry, the decade will fly by before you know it), you will learn about exotic locals like Vanua Levu, Fiji and Cap Juluca, Anguilla (Gesundheit!).  Not to mention you will discover other places so exclusive they are only whispered furtively among the au courant after a backwards glance as “Private Islands”.

Vanue Levu, FijiHawaii? Bermuda? The Bahamas?  That’s fine I suppose for the hidebound traditionalists.  But if you have even a thimble of Robinson Crusoe’s blood coursing through your veins (or Thurston Howell III, for that matter), those places will never do.

John Maynard Keynes is said to have lamented, “My only regret in life is that I did not drink more Champagne.”  I will have failed you if that solemn day comes when you hear God utter an ominous “Check, please!” and your last regret is that you have not visited some of the world’s most incredible isles.  I like to think of these outcroppings as precious stones that fell from God’s overturned jewelry chest when He was chortling over our audacious pride.   But that’s just me.

As an added Cap Juluca, Anguillainducement to your patronage, this week only I am offering an iron clad guarantee.  If anyone drowns along the way, I will refund an entire year’s subscription to this blog.

You don’t know about the subscription?  That comes later when my ineffable charm has the hook firmly planted.  Anyway, what could be more fair than that?

So strap on your water wings, you are in for one grand island hopping adventure.  In the days ahead, I promise you enough cocktail party fodder to last you a lifetime.  Should you want to experience one of these jewels for yourself, we just happen to have a new travel partner who specializes in incredible isles.  What an amazing coincidence!