Hear It Here First

We who ply travel as our trade are often privy to all sorts of interesting breaking news items.  It occurred to me that you might enjoy hearing about some of these little travel tidbits in advance of those hapless dolts not astute enough to follow this quintessentially quirky blog as you so shrewdly do!

Therefore I am announcing yet another category for this blog which, at the rate I am going,Hear It Hear will have soon more categories than actual posts (sort of like those notorious precincts which routinely have more votes that voters).  The title for this new category will be “Hear It Here First!”  Quite catchy, don’t you think?

These particular posts will consistently follow the five B’s of successful discourse, “Be brief, brother, be brief!”   They will give you just a short overview of the new development and then supply a link where you can discover more detail at your leisure.  Leisure, in case you are wondering, is what people seem to have in spades who aren’t desperately trying to scratch out a meager living in the travel industry.

I think by now you grasp the concept.  If not, unless you started celebrating New Year’s Eve well before noon today, we may have to reassess your shrewd status.  So, without further adieu, here is the first little news item hot of the press.

“Limited Time Magic”

DisneyworldDisney Parks just unveiled a new concept for  2013 called “Limited Time Magic” at  Walt Disney World® and Disneyland® Resort.  To quote their own description, “New entertainment and imaginative events will pop up and then disappear – so be sure to take advantage of these opportunities while they last!”   As a prime example, Magic Kingdom® Park at Walt Disney World® will kick of the festivities with the first ever “Bling in the New Year” dance party at Tomorrowland®.  If you are an avid Disney aficionado, or just have a fetish for large ears, bookmark this page and check back often to learn the very latest.

More importantly, you might also want to check back here at Travel By Terry frequently or you just might not “Hear It Here First”.