“Wasting Time” at Carlisle Bay

“I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away.
I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay, wasting time.”

Carlisle Bay, AntiguaNestled among the leeward islands of the West Indies is small slice of paradise called Antigua.  Those of you who have not obliterated your cerebral cortex with a few too many Cuba Libres across the decades will recall from first year Spanish that the word means “ancient”.   The island was named by Christopher Columbus who, were he still around, would be nearly six hundred years old so it’s not as if Chris has a lot of room to talk himself!

Carlisle Bay, AntiguaOne of the most appealing aspects of this incredible isle is the climate which pretty much makes it the poster boy for the word temperate.  Try the mid-seventies in the winter (break out the parkas) to the mid-eighties in the summer (break out the piña coladas).  The 45 inches of annual rainfall is the perfect amount to keep the island lush without spoiling too many outdoor activities.  Throw in nearly constant northwest breezes and low humidity and it’s a minor miracle that the entire island is not one big nudist colony.  Clothes?  Who needs clothes?  (I do, for one. Don’t dare smirk like I’m the only one!)

If you are terminally ADHD and “wasting time” sitting on the dock of the bay seems like, well . . . wasting time, not to worry.  Here is a page where you can fill up every empty nanosecond with land or water activities and excursions of every stripe imaginable.

Carlisle Bay

Such an incredible isle begs for a complementary resort of equal quality.  Fortunately for visitors to AntiguaCarlisle Bay fits the bill quite nicely.  That is, if you happen to belong to thatCarlisle Bay, Antigua Pool Area select circle of people (pretty much called humanity) that favors white sand, swaying palm trees and turquoise water all set in the midst of an emerald green rainforest.  If not, I am thinking of a radio-active, mosquito infested atoll in the Pacific that should be perfect for you.

For a small property, the dining options are quite liberal.  There is a brand new restaurant Ottimo featuring Italian cuisine served by the pool.  OK, technically it is not served by the pool but by a Indigo on the Beach, Carlisle Bay, Antiguavery nice waiter in the pool area.  Don’t be pedantic!

Another option is Indigo on the Beach with a nice selection of grilled seafood and sumptuous salads.  A third option is East which, by some uncanny coincidence, serves food from the Far East.  Weird, huh?   “Make it a point to enjoy an incredible meal at Carlisle Bay’s restaurant East. The venue offers a complementary mix of Japanese, Thai, and Indonesian cuisines that you can experience all at once.”  –Laurie Palumbo, Chief Operating Officer at ID Travel Group.

If you are not craving a jumbo honey prawn right now, I have lost my magical touch.  I know, what touch would that be?

You must know by now, avid reader, you are not going to get out of here without a mention of their famous Blue Spa.  After perusing the offerings, I am thinking seriously about signing up for the Lomi Juma Massage Ritual if for no other reason than I haven’t the foggiest notion what that is. But since the description mentions fusion, it has to great for my back, right?

Blue Spa at Carlisle Bay, Antigua

Here are two final reasons you should call me in, oh I don’t know, say the next ten minutes and book this property.  It is represented in marketing by Pineapple-Hotels (incredible customer portfolio) and it is represented in sales by ID Travel Group (a stunning stable of properties).  Those two affiliations, in my book (and, need I remind you, I am the author here), automatically bestow credibility.  Oh, a final and clenching consideration:  you can get expert assistance booking your travel plans from the great team at Travel Leaders.

Any flimsy excuses you might have had for “wasting time”  have been blown away.  It’s decided then.  You’re headed to Carlisle Bay, Antigua for your next vacation.  Congratulations!