Possible Budget Cuts / Potential Travel Delays

If sequestration (i.e., proposed government budget cuts) goes into effect on March 1st, as seems increasingly likely, there could be a significant impact on travel.  See this Fox News article.

You may have heard that various federal agencies are warning that this will dramatically cut the number of air trafficBudget Cuts controllers, Transportation Security Administration, personnel at airport security and Customs and Border Protection personnel.  Whether this in fact will eventuate is perhaps debatable.  A lot of political posturing on both sides revolves around such subjects today.  Since we can’t predict the future, the best we can do is give you advance warning about potential problems.   Like you, I have read that a reduction in air traffic controllers could adversely affect airline flight schedules and operations causing delays.  This could lead in turn to longer lines at airport screening and possibly even longer lines at customs.

You may recall in a previous blog post I talked about how travel agents can provide robust assistance when things go awry.

*  As professional travel agents, we are hardly strangers to navigating through weather related and mechanical delays.  If the scenario described above were to unfold, we will quickly offer alternative travel plans.

*  Since travel often consists of several components, our assistance extends not only to securing flight arrangements but also rebooking hotels and car rental reservations.  Our job is to get you to your destination quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

Here are a few practical tips for getting through the security line a little faster.


As I mentioned in the above referenced post, “You can either be that person standing in a long line praying all the options are not gone by the time you reach the front of the queue or you can be that relaxed traveler standing to the side, sipping a latte and talking calmly to his or her travel agent.”

Even if you didn’t book with us, we will try our best to assist you. For the next few weeks we all might be in for a bit of a bumpy ride.  We are here to help!

Remember, always come to Travel By Terry to  “Hear It Here First”.

Addendum to American Airline’s New Look

I was on an American Airlines flight recently when the pilot received one of those urgent, undeniable calls of nature.  It happens.  So he asked me if I would mind taking over for just a few minutes.  Ever the accommodating sort, I said sure.  When, due to  his extended delay, I had to land the plane unassisted he apologized profusely saying he was sure it was the raw oysters from the night before.

American Airlines' new livery

Passengers, please remain calm. One of us terrified is quite enough!

Actually, that is not precisely what happened.  I suppose you are one of those sticklers for truth, historical accuracy and all that silly sort of thing.  OK, OK. Then what really happened is that I was invited this morning, along with four hundred of my closest friends, out to DFW airport (or FW/d airport as I like to call it) to see the new American Airlines livery up close and personal.  You don’t get much closer than the cockpit.

Here are a few pictures I took.

    American Airlines new livery          American Airlines new livery

American Airlines new livery 

Consider this post a brief intermission in our three act play called River Cruising: A Languid Stroll Down Liquid Highways.  The third act will arrive on your email doorstep shortly assuming you have had the perspicuity to sign up to follow this inimitable blog.

American Airlines Launches New Look

Welcome to another edition of Hear It Here First.  I was perusing my morning newspaper earlier today over a cup of hot java and my almond meal gruel when I happened upon an article talking about American Airlines‘ plan to create a whole new Hear it Here Firstbrand and image.

I see where our friends over at Skift News are all over this story as usual.  Rafit Ali has written a story called “UPDATED: Here’s the new look of American Airlines that launched today.”

They even have a page where they are tracking the twitter reaction to the new look.  You can see American’s own presentation of their launch in a nice video here.

We in the travel business are following all the developments over at American Airlines with more than a casual interest.  Our travel company operates out of North Texas where Fort Worth is American’s home town and DFW airport is, of course, a major hub.  They are going through challenging times over at American and we wish them the very best.  Our industry needs, and consumers are best served by, at least a handful of robust competitors.  We have no special insight to share regarding the likelihood of a merger between AA and US Airways but that eventuality seems to us more and more likely.

As promised, these little industry updates will be short and, like me, almost sickeningly sweet! What do you think of the new look over at AA?