Fool Disclosure

Slippery When Read!

This page is an attempt both to cleanse my conscience  and salve any skepticism you may harbor regarding this blog in one fell swoop.  By now, uwe are all conditioned whenever we read anything, especially over the internet, to ask ourselves:  Where is the author coming from and just how high do I need to set my personal skeptometer?  Therefore, conscience dictates and honesty demands I provide a little context for all that is written herein.

Who The Heck Is Terry? 

I covered a little of that on the about page.  I just want to remind you that I am co-owner of Travel Leaders / Main Street Travel with offices in Fort WorthRowlett (a suburb of Dallas which is, in turn, a suburb of Fort Worth) and Tyler, Texas.  Although an examination of our P&L might lead you to conclude otherwise, we are NOT a non-profit, charitable organization.  Our avowed purpose, on good days actually realized, is to eke out a meager living from this enterprize.  We make our money selling travel.

What The Heck Is Terry Up To With This Blog?  

The answer to that is three-fold.  My simple objectives are to entertain, educate and entice.  If I don’t entertain, it increases the probability that your fist visit to this blog will be your last from “merely likely” to “nearly certain”.  Therefore, I will strive to inject a certain amount of what passes for . . here in Texas, at least . . humor and wit.

As to the admittedly presumptions goal of education, I look at it this way.  All our brains somewhat resemble swiss cheese.  There are numerous holes and gaps in our knowledge that others can help fill.  In my case, the very small amount of cheese surrounding those rather gaping holes has almost exclusively to do with travel.  If you think about it, it would be pretty sad if I had spent over twenty-five years in the travel industry and had absolutely nothing worthwhile to impart.

Which brings me to enticement.  Notice I did not say entrapment.  Thus this “fool disclosure”. By writing this blog, I very much hope to entice some of you to do a little business with our travel company.  There are several ways to connect with us all spelled out on the right rail of the home page.  This blog chronicles my personal experience and because we are a top producer for many cruise lines, tour companies, hotels and resorts, when I reference any of them there is a better than average chance I have been the beneficiary of their largess at some point.  To put it bluntly, they have probably given me free stuff like a cruise, tour or hotel stay.

Therefore, I don’t purport fo have motives as pure as the driven snow.  OK, maybe snow after a few 18-wheelers have driven over it.  Like most of you I am simply struggling to put a little food on the table.  I have found eating extremely habit-forming.

But you should also know, I actually do have principles.  Groucho Marx once famously said, “These are my principles and, if you don’t like them, well . . . I have others”.  Hopefully mine are not quite that fluid.

My principles, such as they are, don’t permit me to ever attempt to trick, fool or deceive you, my beloved reader.   I will never tell you an experience was great if it wasn’t no matter how many chocolate covered strawberries luxury hoteliers force feed me (this is the travel industry equivalent of waterboarding).  I will never intentionally give you bad information or bad advice.  I reserve the right, however, to make as many bad jokes as I care to.

Forewarned Is Forearmed

I am so pleased we had this little chat.  For my part, I have found it quite cathartic.  Now when you read this blog, you can do so sans cynicism.  Even better, you can gleefully broadcast it to your social networks (from my lips to God’s ear) without the least fear that your friends will be bamboozled, beguiled or buffaloed.

Addendum:  Specifically in regard to the post entitled Mexico Maligned, my remarks are my own views based on the criteria outlined.  This post should not be construed as a guarantee of anyone’s security when traveling to Mexico which is something entirely outside my control and could be affected by a traveler’s personal choices and behavior .

3 thoughts on “Fool Disclosure

  1. As far as I go you’re preaching to the converted. I,too, am a Mexiphile.
    A couple of pedantic points….Is this “fool” disclosure or full disclosure? EEK! Correct your spelling of “eke”(this is the proper one) out a living and Juárez (some respect for Don Benito, el Benmérito de América.
    Conmemoran 207 aniversario del nacimiento de Juárez
    CULIACÁN.- El mejor homenaje que se le puede rendir a Benito Juárez es tener una sociedad unida, de mujeres y hombres respetuosos de la dignidad humana, dedicados a construir y preservar la convivencia en paz y concordia, afirmó el procurador general de Justicia, durante el evento conmemorativo al 207 aniversario del natalicio del Benemérito de las Américas..

    • Thanks for your insightful comments. The “Fool Disclosure” is an intentional play on words and you may notice that on the page itself I have it in quotation marks. The vast majority of my blog is written in a quirky, light hearted fashion with Mexico Maligned being something of an exception. Thanks for the spelling correction which has been fixed. And finally, I assure you no disrespect is intended to the memory of Juárez. Thanks again for stopping by!

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