Rosewood San Miguel: A Jewel Perfectly Set

A heartfelt confession always makes a good beginning.  Here is mine. My knowledge of gemstones and fine jewelry ranks right up there with my familiarity with the finer points of cold fusion, which is to say, it’s within a gnat’s breath of being nonexistent.    But even someone as gauche and unsophisticated as your humble blogger knows this much:  choosing the proper setting for a stone is crucial to the design of all fine jewelry.  This observation brings me to the third precious stone in the incomparable Rosewood Mexico tiara.  (If you are a new arrival to this space, it might bore you, oops, I meant to say behoove you to take a moment and read the two previous posts.  Otherwise, the poll at the end might prove a bit challenging!)

To ask which resort among the three is preeminent is a little like asking, “Which is moreRosewood San Miguel de Allend important, breathing in or breathing out?”.   A rather tough choice I think we all agree.  All three properties are magnificent and project their own matchless radiance.  Were I forced to choose among them under threat of having to spend eternity in a dingy one-star hotel with neither a spa nor room service (I suddenly feel a cold shiver running down my spine), I suppose I would have to choose the Rosewood in San Miguel de Allende.  The reason relates to my opening paragraph, i.e., the setting.

For those not familiar with San Miguel de Allende, a veritable mecca for the mentally fatigued, you have no idea what you are missing.  To fully grasp just how impoverished  your life has been . . . a life which you had hitherto naively assumed was rich and meaningful . . . ,  I am afraid you will just have to keep reading this blog.   The reason being, in the not too distant future I intend to draw upon my highly underrated and, as yet, cruelly unrewarded writing prowess to paint a Monet-esque picture of  this magical place.   I know, your heart is all a pitter.  Patience, dear reader. Coming soon.

Meanwhile,  you must content yourself with a description of the resort itself.  Naturally, you are going to want to spend a great deal of your time exploring this “enchanting artists’ village nestled in the mountains north of Mexico City”.  All the more so, I’m sure, after you read my upcoming post.

1826 Restaurant in the Rosewood Resort in San Miguel de Allende

1826 Restaurant

Yet it would be a huge mistake not to carve out significant time during your stay to absorb the atmosphere of the resort’s many charming venues.   The “fine” in fine dining begins with the ambiance when you enter a restaurant.  The 1826 Restaurant is bathed in old world elegance.  The name of both the restaurant and the bar across the hall commemorates the year the town adopted the name of San Miguel de Allende in honor of Ignacio de Allende, the hero of Mexican independence.  The restaurant features an open artisan kitchen and offers the choice of dining indoors or al fresco on the patio amid the vibrant gardens. Another incredible dining option is the Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar.   As a regular reader, you have likely noticed my palpable love of both lowbrow Rosewood San Miguel's Luna Rooftop Tapas Barhumor and tortured puns and therefore might be bracing yourself for me to make a crude play on the bar’s name.  I shall surprise both you and me by letting the opportunity pass without comment.   Goodness, I suddenly feel abnormally mature.

The climate of San Miguel is very temperate year round which lends itself to spending countless hours on the Luna Rooftop.  You will find it the ideal setting for gazing out across the sprawling village below and thinking fondly about your smug brother-in-law back home, the one who warned you against  going to Mexico, grilling bratwurst in his backyard surrounded by his little screeching, sawed-off savages while navigating nasty love notes delivered indiscriminately around the yard by the family dog.

Ah, life is good at the Rosewood!


Consummate Cabo: Las Ventanas al Paraiso

Here is my self-appointed challenge for this post.  I shall attempt to tell you about the second of the three jewels in Rosewood’s royal Mexican tiara without submerging you in a sea of superlatives.   Trust me, it is going to be more difficult than it might sound for such an amazing place.

Last post our focus was Rosewood Mayakoba.  Now we turn our attention to Las Ventanas al Paraiso.  For those sad souls who have never had the privilege of visiting “The Window to Paradise”, thisLas Ventanas in Cabo San Lucas resort glistens like a white cactus flower in an endless desert.   The architecture is minimalistic yet remarkably elegant.  When you first set foot on the property,  it  offers the promise of a welcome oasis and refreshing respite from the parched landscape of your daily life.  It is a promise richly fulfilled by inspired cuisine and matchless hospitality.    (Good grief, so much for my intentions at the outset.  We are just getting started and I have you already mired up to your hip waders in metaphors.  Despite my best intentions, I am slinging superlatives around like a Waffle House fry cook serving up hash browns.  OK, deep breath.  Let’s try again.)

The Sea Grill at Las Ventanas in Cabo San LucasDining at Las Ventanas not only satisfies the palate but soothes the jangled nerves.  When you are on vacation, if you’re the least bit like me (I know, scary thought), it’s not about chowing down but chilling out.  It is imperative that the mood be as mellow as the food is delicious.  So indulge me a moment.  Gaze a few seconds at the picture to the left.  Then, imagine you have just enjoyed a leisurely, mid- afternoon lunch at The Sea Grill. They have just brought you this mango dessert and a piping hot cappuccino you see pictured here.  For the next hour you gaze out at the lapping waves, savoring your dessert andDessert at the Sea Grill at Las Ventanas letting your mind drift like the flotsam you occasionally see bobbing on the ocean waves.  Startled from your trance by two feuding sea gulls,  you glance down at the table suddenly realizing you haven’t turned on your phone in over two days.  Oh, well.

It is nearly time to saunter, sauntering and meandering being the only two gaits permitted on property, over to the spa for your Milk & Honey Bath Ritual with Wrap.  Or did you sign up for the Four Hand Energy Restoration treatment, you wonder.  Surely not.  Four Hands???

And so, you struggle on for days, battling such decisions of great moment.  Which spa treatment today?  Shall I golf or play tennis?  Should I have the rack of lamb at dinner a second time with so many other wonderful selections?  But it was soooo succulent.

Now perhaps, if I have done my work properly, notwithstanding my embarrasing lack of literary restraint, you understand why this second jewel is called “The Window To Paradise”.  Next post we will explore Rosewood’s third, and to those of us with a certain bent, the crown jewel in this tiara fit for a princess.  At that point, I will ask you which of the three is most likely to be added to your personal bucket list.  So do come back.  If you don’t, you will have to live with the responsibility of denying my little poll scientific credibility and, surely you agree, that is a heavy burden to carry through life!

Side Trip to the Sensational: A Remarkable Resort

In the travel industry, unique is a term that gets bandied about a little too casually.  In the most literal sense, I suppose, every hotel or resort is unique in the same way that every fingerprint and snowflake are.  But I think what we all intend to convey when we employ that shopworn adjective is a hotel or resort that is distinctive, idiosyncratic and exceptional.  Today I want to tell you about a resort that richly deserves the appellation because it meets all three of those criteria.

Mexico golf course

El Camaleon Mayakoba

On a recent “business trip” to the Riviera Maya south of Cancun (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) I decided to solicit a side trip to a resort I had heard raves about but had never visited.  I am referring to the Rosewood Mayakoba.  One of its primary attractions for me, and this will come as no shock  to either of my friends, was the fact that the resort lays claim to El Camaleon Mayakoba, a signature Greg Norman, 7000 yard, 18-hole championship golf course.  It is the only golf course in Mexico with the distinction of hosting an annual PGA Tour event, aptly named the Mayakoba Golf Classic.   So naturally, when this . . . ahem . . . “business meeting” (you gotta love the travel business) found its way onto my calendar, my first action was to send off an obsequious email to the Director of Sales requesting an opportunity to tour the facility and, oh, by the way, would it be possible for me and a few friends to experience a round of golf.  I am happy to report that my request was met with a generous offer for a round of golf for four (at a discounted rate) followed by a lunch and one-hour tour given by Renata Moreira, Director of Sales and a delightful soul.

One of the unique (there’s that word again) features of the property are the canals that runMexico resort throughout.  In fact, this picture to the right shows the lobby area on the upper level.  When you check in, you descend the steps and are delivered to your room in one of the water taxis you see in the picture.  The canals give the resort a special ambiance, particularly at night when there are lights all along the banks.

Just six weeks ago, Rosewood announced the opening of Sense, A Rosewood Spa, named a best spa by readers of Conde Nast magazine.  In their own words, “The 17,000-square-foot Sense spa is ensconced on its own island melding water and earth to reflect the nurturing soul of the Riviera Maya.”  It can nurture me anytime it cares to!  Follow the Sense link for a full press release about this newest addition.

If you visit, you will probably want to while away more than a few hours at Agave Azul, Tequila, Library and Raw Bar.  No, that’s not a typo.  I presume it refers to the sushi, not the dress code!  Check out the three pictures below.

Mexico resort   Mexico resort        Mexico resort

There are two other incredible Rosewood properties in Mexico and I will tell you about both in my next post.  I know checking out 5 star hotels sounds wonderful but it is really quite grueling.  I am fighting to keep a straight face.  If you long to check them out too, you know how to reach me.  What is your favorite luxury resort in Mexico?