I’ve Got Answers. I Need More Questions!

Having spent a significant portion of my adult life in the travel industry, it would be surprising, I suppose, if I had not accumulated a reasonable storehouse of knowledge along the way.   Setting aside modesty for the moment (My personal record is a decade so a moment is nothing!), I do believe I have acquired a repository of travel nuggets and insider information that would interest the novice and knowledgeable traveler alike.

Those who have clicked on the “Fool Disclosure” tab along the top of this page will know that educating my readers ranks right behind entertaining them in my hierarchy of objectives for this blog.  With all these creative synapses firing off in my brain like roman candles on the Fourth of July, I need a little help in deciding which questions my readers find most universal and pressing.  Hence this post.  What in the world would you like to know?

Planet EarthBefore I spill the entire contents of my brain like I once did with a large glass of red wine all over a friend’s priceless antique purse given to her by her grandmother on her deathbed (or so she gleefully maintained for the next few years of inflicted guilt), I would very much like to hear what is going on in your little noggin.  Specifically, I am soliciting burning questions that I can douse with the cooling waters of my overflowing wisdom. (See comment about lack of modesty above.)

First a few stipulations and then an exciting inducement!


1)  You must use the comment icon on the top of this page to record your question.  No email, text or snail mail submissions, please.

2)  Your question must be specifically travel related:  something regarding airlines, hotels, cruises, tours, rail travel, destinations, etc.  The silo of my wisdom is deep but not very wide.

3)  You can submit as many questions as you like but you will only be entered once.

4)  I must receive at least ten quality questions from separate individuals or the offer below is rescinded.  Thus, you might want to share this post with your friends (see share links at the bottom of the page).   Greed is never rewarded here!  You can follow along at home as all questions will appear in the list of comments viewable by all.

5)  Your odds of being selected are directly proportional to choosing a question that is likely on the minds of lots of other folks.

6)  In the interest of transparency, I should probably exclude relatives.  Sorry Bro!


Fiesta Americana Grand Coral BeachWhy should you take time out of your busy day rearranging your sock drawer or removing navel lint to submit your question?  Since you are beyond the reach of a manageable stick, I will offer a carrot instead.  From among the questions submitted, a committee of one . . . that would be me in case you are not firing on all cylinders today . . .  will select the ten I like best.

I will then write down those ten names on a slip of paper, drop them in my favorite snap brim fedora and draw out the name of the one lucky winner.  As if having your name drawn by me wasn’t high honor enough, I will send you a certificate for a complimentary three night stay at the Fiesta American Grand Coral Beach Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico.  Yes, I am as serious as a heart attack.

If you are not familiar with this stellar property, you can read about it in a post I wrote aFiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach while back called Crème de Cancun:  The Top Five Resorts.  Just keep in mind that this prize does not include airfare and also that this five-star property is not all-inclusive so you will be responsible for food and beverage.  Other terms and conditions do apply.  The window of opportunity to participate in this little exercise is thirty days from the date this post is published so I wouldn’t tarry!

The time has come to retrieve your thinking cap from the basement where you dropped it when looking for anything of value to pawn during the last recession and come up with something you always wanted to know about travel but were unable to find anyone gullible enough to take you seriously.  I am the crown prince of naïveté so fire away!

In case you have not divined the method to my mad largess, I plan to use the top ten questions and my sagacious answers as fodder for future posts.  So even if you don’t win, you will still get answers to all sorts of puzzling travel questions.

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