Missionary Travel: You Render Service, We Provide Support

Most traditional bricks and mortar (or, in our case, cardboard box and bailing wire) travel Missionary Faresagencies have some combination of business, vacation and group travel.  A few may focus on just one of these but most, like ours, do some mix of all three.  In addition, many of us have some special niches.  (Do you prefer to pronounce niche like “peach” or niche like “sheesh’?).  Anyway, we thought about specializing in left-handed, Bolivian unicyclists (apologies to the British sitcom The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin), but decided that niche might be a trifle too narrow.

Early on in our corporate existence, the opportunity came for us to organize some large groups of volunteer missionaries to Australia and, as often happens. a niche was born.  In the intervening years we have sent literally tens of thousands of missionaries (some career, the majority volunteer) to some of the most unpronounceable corners of the world.  Based on my dubious reputation, I know you think I am making these up but I promise you we have sent people to: Ouagadougou, Lilongwe, Timbuktu (yes, it really is a place), Kinshasa, Lodz, Bhubaneswar, Ndola, and LuandaAlso, be very careful when booking Nanning and Nanjing.  There is a difference and, in case you are wondering, the difference is nearly nine hundred miles!

Some of you might have justifiably concluded from my previous ramblings on this blog that I am guilty of consuming vast quantities of oxygen here on planet earth with no offsetting contribution whatsoever to mankind.  In defense of my humble existence,  I thought I would inform you about this salutary, beneficial and constructive dimension of our business. Hey, we are not all Mai Tais and coconut bras around here!

We have created a kind of sub-site on our company website exclusively devoted to this service category.  You can click here to visit those pages.

Missionary Travel

Some of the world’s largest airlines have ceded us access to special discounted missionary fares which have two distinct advantages.  They are very competitively priced and, equally important, they allow more flexible travel rules and restrictions.  We even have some special baggage concessions.

There are several very helpful bits of information on the site such as a list of Seven Tips To Safe International Travel For Missionaries.  You can find out what to do if you discover that a four-foot, black mambo snake has curled up in your skivies during the night.  OK, I made that up but you really can get helpful tips about money, luggage, health, etc.

You will also find a list of a dozen on so Handy Travel Resources for international travel covering everything from passport information to travel warnings, currency conversion to a world clock.

Missionary TravelOn the off chance that some of you reading this post are also travel agents, we can actually help you access these fares for your missionary customers as well.  We have a special section on the main page of the missionary travel section entitled, strangely enough, Travel Agency Owners Section.

Finally, we have created a special Missionary Travel Facebook Page where we invite you to pose questions, share stories or post pictures of you own missionary endeavors.  Come follow along!

Missionary Travel Facebook Page

Hopefully, with this post have I have managed to redeem my image, at least marginally, in your sight.  If you would like to know more about this meaningful aspect of our work, you have only to ask.

What do you think?

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