At Secrets The Vine, The Wine’s Divine (3)

I hate to begin this post on a negative note but I must admit my faith in your wisdom and judgment, beloved reader, is a little shaken.  At the end of my last post, I gave each of you a perfectly good opportunity to cry uncle (or any other relative of your choosing, for that matter).   Yet, in overwhelming numbers, relatively speaking of course, you actually begged me for more.


Either 1) I am a much better writer than I thought I was, 2) you are all closet, or in this case poll booth, masochists or much more likely, 3) some of you who voted have a vested interest in the pecuniary success of said property.  In which case, the margin of error for my little poll is probably plus or minus 100%.  But hey, if politicians can claim a mandate after every election, so can I.  Thus, here is the third and final installment (please hold your applause until the end) of this particular series.

However, to add another little quirk to the proceedings, in order to read the final installment of this scintillating series on Secrets The Vine, you are going to have to join me on a little jaunt through cyberspace.  (I know it is a little scary out there but just stay close to me and you will be fine.)  Here is the reason.  If you think your judgement is suspect, a popular website called IgoUgo, which has like a kazillion unique visitors per month (give or take a zillion), has invited me . . . OK, more like relented under duress . . . to write a guest post on their site.  I know what you are thinking.  You’re thinking, “What the heck were they thinking!”

So if you are ready to travel to another galaxy where I am told blog posts actually get read, all you have to do is click here.

OK, if you are still reading this you did not click.  What part of click here do you find confusing?  Go ahead, I promise it won’t give your computer the internet equivalent of the bubonic plague.  Since you are still here, however, when you do arrive over there, don’t even think about booking travel there!!  I would have to consider such infidelity grounds for digital divorce.  I hope we have established by now that all your travel should be booked at Travel Leaders / Main Street Travel.  Otherwise, I might have to go get a real job, God forbid!

What do you think?

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