The Best New Travel Blog of 2012: Ta Da … Mine!

I think you will agree that what my title lacks in humility is more than made up for inBlogging award audacity.  What prompts such an immodest claim, you ask?  I blame it on the season.  No, not Halloween or Thanksgiving.  Rather, it’s that time of the year when all sorts of other bloggers with nothing better to do are starting to work on their 2013 version of lists such as these from last year:

15 Best Travel Blogs To Follow In 2012

12 Travel Bloggers You Should Read in 2012

Best Travel Blogs of 2011

The Best New And Not-So-New Blog Travel Blogs for 2012

This is just a modest sampling.  I have not linked to any of these because:

a)  The lists are now almost a year old and the new ones will be out soon and

b)   much more important, Travel By Terry is not on any of these lists.  Shocking, I know.  I attribute this, with irrefutable logic I might add, to the fact that my humble blog did not exist when these lists were compiled (having only started my blogging adventure this past June).

The purpose, therefore, of this post is to Blogging Awardget ahead of the curve by nominating myself for consideration on some of these upcoming lists.  After all, who knows me better or loves me more.

Here is my succinctly stated case for inclusion.

1)  My travel blog is HUMOROUS.

I should probably qualify that.  Let’s just say, I often find myself giggling like a school girl when writing and even rereading many of my own posts.  I acknowledge that my threshold for bemusement may be hereditarily low (which is certianly true of my taste, style and judgment, as you faithful readers will have long ago noted),  so that theory can’t be dismissed out of hand.  In my own defense, however, I have had readers, some not even biologically related, who also said that they find this blog . . .  droll was the word I believe they used.

2)  My travel blog is INFORMATIVE.

Had you started reading my blog last June without missing a post you would first of all constitute an army of one.  I confess, even I skipped a couple.  But had you exhibited the required fortitude to wade through them all you would have garnered all sorts of invaluable information.   For example, you would have learned that my brother is equally unhinged, further strengthening the genetic weakness theory above.

You would have discovered precisely Where Conoco Kisses Cuisine.  Be honest, I bet  you didn’t even know they were dating.  Who else would have taught you how to Build A Travel Bridge To Somewhere or suggested A Round-About Way to a Nervous Break Down?  I think it is safe to say no one.  No one on this side of a padded cell at any rate.

3)  My travel blog is ADDICTIVE.

Blog addiction

Photo by: Luis Louro

Really, addictive?  Yes, in the same way you can’t avert your eyes from a ten car pile-up on the interstate.  Would you like proof?  Unless you somehow miraculously stumbled across this specific post in the vast, uncharted black hole called cyberspace, you are a dreaded “return visitor”!  Now, now.  It is nothing to be ashamed of.  My brother once followed Judy Lollar all over our Junior High School in a hormonal rage with his tongue hanging out repeating “Ooo La Lollar”.  It happens.  Who is to say what genetic forces create the strange attractions that propel us through life.

The time has come, dear members of the blog rating jury, to rest my case.  I would say, without a trace of partiality,  that the evidence is overwhelming, incontrovertible, irrefutable and whatever else lawyers like to say about their case.  If my travel blog does not land on your list, than you are obviously just another member of the wildly biased, Trotskyite  mainstream media.  Either that or you went to college or something.

As for you my faithful readers, I would say “Keep those cards and letters coming” but as an old black radio preacher I used to listen to liked to say, “Just send letters. You can’t put cash or checks in a postcard!”

7 thoughts on “The Best New Travel Blog of 2012: Ta Da … Mine!

    • I, in turn, have great admiration for your refined taste in all things literate. Thanks so much for stopping by! I am about to hop over, digitally speaking of course, and check out you blog and Facebook page.

  1. When you have a moment, visit my “What Did I Miss?” page for a list of all my posts. Perhaps you fill find a few more that “tickle your funny bone”. Does that very American expression make any sense in Slovakian? You might like “A Round-About Way To A Nervous Breakdown” if you are into Schadenfreude. ;o)

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