Build A Travel Bridge To Somewhere

Last post I shared some thoughts on my attempt to bridge the generational divide in my own family through multi-generational travel.  Here is the rest of my personal quest.

Endless Activities

If your grandchildren are at all like mine, they will constantly crave ever more stimulating activities and this is where Marival Residences really shines.  I have been to countless all-inclusive properties over the years but never to a property quite as ALL-inclusive as this one.  There is something for every generation.

Speaking personally, I no longer…actually, I am pretty sure I never did…associate terror with pleasure.  In fact, to me they are pretty much mutually exclusive.  Therefore, to say that careening through the jungle canopy sixty feet off the ground suspended by a narrow wire cable with decades of deeds and misdeeds flashing through my conscience did not appeal to me is a gross understatement.  I left that particular temptation of fate to the pure hearted sons-in-law and grandsons.  My hunger for excitement was more than satiated hitting a towering four- iron from 185 yards out  that nestled close to the pin on the fifth hole of the Weiskopf course at Vista Vallarta.  Asking if I sunk the birdie putt would only interrupt the flow of this blog.

One activity that we immensely enjoyed as a group was the dolphin and the sea-lion encounters.  Of the two, surprisingly the bigger hit by far was the sea-lion experience.  Both experiences are offered at the same location and you can book them back to back one hour apart as we did.  (Insider tip # 3:  If you only have time to do one, choose the sea-lion experience.)  These gentle behemoths interact with people in amazing ways.

I wish I could tell you all about the spectacular sunset cruise that is also included in the Marival Residences package.  The reason I cannot brings us to another tip.  (Insider tip # 4:  Do not schedule the sunset cruise on your last night in paradise.) 

Dinner cruise

The reason for this is you might well face the same ugly insurrection I confronted when the family realized they would not get back until well after 10 o’clock at night to face packing and an early wake up call for the flight home.  The fact that they stormed my room wearing straw hats and brandishing pitchforks is merely another testament to the resourcefulness of Carlos, the ubiquitous concierge who seemingly can supply anything.

Your New Best Friends

Which leads me to another pearl of wisdom.  (Insider tip # 5:  Make Carlos your new best friend…which will be quite easy to do…within the first twenty minutes you are at the resort.)  Carlos and his assistant Mayte are the kind of people for whom you would gladly risk human smuggling charges to bring them back in your suitcase.  If God has fashioned two more earnest and enchanting souls, I have yet to meet them.

Take it to the bank (as long as it’s not my bank), if you are looking for the perfect multi-generational vacation, the Marival Residences & World Spa deserves some serious consideration.  But wherever you decide to travel, take heart in hand and seize the opportunity to bridge the generational gap in your family.   I would be thrilled for the chance to make it happen for you (guacamole and all).

Have you ever experienced multi-generational travel?  Tell me about it.  Until we meet again, travel safe.

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